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The Market is On Fire, So Should I Waive My Home Inspection?

The market is really on fire in Northern Virginia right now! Literally, homes are going on the market on Monday and under contract the next day. As a result of this trend, homes are selling for top dollar and buyers who are looking for a home are wondering how to make their offers more competitive. [...]

Know Your Rights: A History of Racial Discrimination in Housing

Around the country, individuals are beginning to discuss ideas about how to eradicate some of the many injustices in America. There are groups of people that have lived through injustice in its ugliest forms. These inequalities have had long-lasting effects on the people that have been treated unfairly and with prejudice. This blog post seeks [...]

Fears of a First Time Home Buyer

Buying a home for the first time is a major step in a person’s life. This major milestone can cause certain anxieties. One common denominator amongst first-time homebuyers is fear. While there are many fears that some first-time homebuyers have, I’m going to cover the top three. 1. The first fear involves finances. Money is [...]

What are your concerns with Home Warranty Companies?

Have you ever read or heard this before, “XXX Home Warranty Company is a leader in the home warranty industry. We provide high value and protection against the ever-increasing cost of home and appliance repair"? Then, after securing the warranty you realize that getting them to fix or replace a major appliance is harder than [...]

The Price is Right!

If you ask 100 people what their prominent concern is with selling their home, it usually is “How much is my home worth?” Of course people are concerned about how I will market their home, how soon should we expect their home to sell, and what repairs need to be done in order to sell [...]

5 Tips to Sell Your Home

The Price is Right Often when I sit down and do a listing and market consultation with my clients, prior to us listing the home, clients want to list higher, with the expectation that we will come down on the price with negotiations. This is one of the worst things that you could do, I [...]

Should I purchase or rent a home?

This question has more to do with where you are in life, rather than your financial capacity. For example, purchasing a home requires money. Due to the cost of purchasing a home, including transaction cost, and the time it takes to purchase a home, it is understandable that some people, who move frequently, are less [...]

What should I know about Home Ownership?

Purchasing a home may be the biggest purchase of your life; your home could cost more than your vehicle, furnishings, or any other large purchase.  With this purchase comes responsibility as well as a sense of “home”, a sense of comfort. With this responsibility of homeownership there can be maintenance and renovation.  Maintenance can range [...]

Location, Location, Location

Buying a house can be an emotional yet exciting and invigorating endeavor. Choosing a house is more than the physical building, it’s the neighborhood, the neighbors, the schools, and even the access in and out of the neighborhood. It’s important that you choose a house that fits your lifestyle. It’s equally important that you’re ready. [...]

Should I Buy a Short Sale or Foreclosed Property?

Before deciding if you should buy distressed home, be sure to understand you understand a short sale and foreclosed property. Short sale occurs when the owner owes more on their mortgage loan than what the home is worth. The owner is unable to refinance due to lack of value and they are no longer able [...]