imageHi! My name is Jameel Alexander Scott and I am a licensed real-estate agent in Virginia with Keller Williams Realty.

I am also an instructor at Moseley Real Estate School. If interested in becoming a real estate agent in VA, you can sign up for a class at our premier school.

This last year the state of Virginia recognized me as one of the leading real-estate agents in the state of Virginia. My success, I believe, comes from combining my experience and training in education and finance, which helps prepare my clients with the best knowledge in order to make informed real estate decisions.

Prior to becoming a realtor, I taught at the middle and high school level, as well as college. I sincerely care about my community and have taught financial literacy classes at the University of the District of Columbia Community College, local high schools in the DMV, and at local nonprofits. Some of the classes that I have taught include: debt reduction, college financial boot camp, investing in the financial market(s), and real-estate investment. I also work with World Financial Group (WFG) as a licensed financial professional with a wealth of experience helping families meet their financial and professional goals.


It was my grandmother who taught me the importance of education at a young age- which is why I have worked so hard to empower others with it. For my own empowerment, I earned my BA in History from Morehouse College.. I continued to graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, and worked at the Wharton Business School with their undergraduate students. Upon graduating with my Masters in Higher Education Policy I continued to earn an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Education Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park. And now? I am completing a graduate certificate at Georgetown University in Business Administration. As you can see, education is important to me- and the need for further education doesn’t stop. I stay abreast of current reporting and trends regarding real estate in the DMV area. It’s not easy, but my clients don’t always have time, so I gather as much information as I am able.

I do have some spare time! I love spending time with my wife Lakeisha and young son Thomas. I also enjoy watching basketball,- and believe it or not- reading about financial and real estate market, and analyzing real estate market shifts. And when I can get out, I enjoy hitting the green and playing golf.