The Market is On Fire, So Should I Waive My Home Inspection?

The market is really on fire in Northern Virginia right now! Literally, homes are going on the market on Monday and under contract the next day. As a result of this trend, homes are selling [...]

Know Your Rights: A History of Racial Discrimination in Housing

Around the country, individuals are beginning to discuss ideas about how to eradicate some of the many injustices in America. There are groups of people that have lived through injustice in its ugliest forms. These [...]

Fears of a First Time Home Buyer

Buying a home for the first time is a major step in a person’s life. This major milestone can cause certain anxieties. One common denominator amongst first-time homebuyers is fear. While there are many fears [...]

Let Jameel the Realtor Empower You!

Hi! My name is Jameel Alexander Scott and I am a licensed real-estate agent in Virginia with Keller Williams Realty. This last year the state of Virginia recognized me as one of the leading real-estate agents in the state of Virginia. My success, I believe, comes from combining my experience and training in education and finance, which helps prepare my clients with the best knowledge in order to make informed real-estate decisions.

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